Monday, 26 September 2016

Juice Review : Vapouriz - Pocket Fuel (High VG)

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Pink Fizz
A glorious mix of fresh, juicy berries and crisp champagne, Pink Fizz is one to look out for!
The smell alone is primarily reminiscent of strawberries and an added zing of something very unique.
First off, I am not an alcohol fan in terms of eLiquid flavours, however, this juice is extremely pleasant. It has the perfect balance between ripe strawberry and an almost dry sense of bubbly, I found it to be an exact and precise mixture of components, to the point that neither is sickly nor overpowering.
The sweetness of the strawberry compliments the dryness of the champagne, and vice versa. In my experience, champagne eLiquids can be a little too much when it comes to attempting an all day vape. This juice is flawlessly veracious , and is extremely well balanced to the point that I can easily see it becoming one of my 'go to' vapes.

Blue Raspberry
I am a die hard Blue Raspberry fan, it is right in the middle of being sweet and candy-like, and being fruity and tart.
I have tried a fair few similarly flavoured vapes, and I must admit, there hasn't been one that I didn't like.
Safe to say, I was very much looking forward to trying out this instalment from Vapouriz.
On inhaling, I could sense a complex and supremely well concocted blend of several elements that really adds to this eLiquid's unique appeal. I could sense that it was super tangy and had a slight essence of something that resembles citrus, not unlike a sour raspberry candy.
Being a high VG juice, the cloud production was very rewarding and furthers this eLiquids pleasant nature.
Blue Raspberry, from Pocket Fuel, as a whole, is quite catchy, and strong tasting, perfect for cloud-chasers and flavour-chasers alike!

I thoroughly enjoyed this juice, and would definitely consider using it as an 'all day' styled vape!


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