Friday, 16 September 2016

Juice Review : The Pure Evil range from Vapouriz

Vapouriz (pronounced Vapour-rise) , is a Guildford based company that produces a wide range of vaping products, including both Classic eLiquids and Sub-ohm eLiquids as well as hardware.
All of their liquids are UK made using only UK and EU ingredients.
They very kindly sent me several liquids to review, all of which tasted excellent. Eliquids from Vapouriz are available for next day delivery – brilliant if you are desperate for some new delicious tasting juice!
The bottles of liquid that I received are all high VG, and are 3mg nicotine. 3 are from the 'Pocket Fuel' range and 3 are from the 'Pure Evil' range. They are available to purchase online at

Straight off the bat, Sloth smells amazingly juicy and bursting with enticingly decadent fruitiness. This eLiquid is a fantastic blend of berries that makes my mouth water as I vape it. This juice is very fruity and almost a little bit tart, without being too sour, but also at the same time, not too sweet. Sloth is extremely fresh and more-ish and I found it gave my tongue a 'zing' whilst vaping.
There is a definite tone of mild sourness on inhaling, and as exhale, out comes a wholesome sweet element that really brings this vape to life.
I enjoyed the refreshing taste to it, and it was a perfect 'summer-time vape'. I appreciate the effort put into creating such an overwhelmingly fruity and delicious flavoured eLiquid. It is quite possibly one of the most invigorating flavours I have tried so far!

This was a delight to vape, it had perfectly judged flavour elements that interacted in a way that really made this juice something special. Essentially, Lust is a strawberry and custard vape that will appeal to cloud chasing sweet tooth's.
On inhaling the fruity strawberry is most noticeable, and on exhaling, the smooth and wholesome custard comes to life.
The strawberry is reminiscent of a strawberry jam , and is both tart AND smooth, by no means an easy feat to create. The custard tastes warm and sweet, not unlike the real thing. These two main components bounce off one another, and together they generate a super tasty and satisfying flavour that is very easy to vape.
To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I would go for a Strawberry Custard flavour, but I certainly enjoyed it, and I could vape on it all day long. Due to it's smooth, warm and sweet flavours, I also think that Lust would be the perfect winter time vape.

Wrath is my favourite out of the Pure Evil range, so far. I am a huge fan of Raspberry flavoured vapes, and the added coconut really brings out the sweetness to this eLiquid.
This juice is fruity yet incredibly smooth, making it the perfect All Day Vape. It has just the right amounts of zesty raspberry mixed with creamy coconut that mellows out any bitterness you may find with the fruitier side.
On inhaling, a sweet and juicy raspberry encapsulates your mouth, and tingles the taste buds.
There is a great amount of billowy clouds on exhalation that is mainly due to the high percentage of VG in this line of juices, and not only is the vapour visually appealing, it also smells divine.
I really enjoyed this flavour from the folks at Vapouriz, and I think it would appeal to any vaper, especially to those who like fruity or sweet tasting vapes.
Great Stuff!

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