Friday, 11 May 2018


100 Large - Donut Worry
Artha by Advken
'Fuzz' cotton by TYV

Dreamer by Timesvape 

Vapor Storm Subverter

Thursday, 10 May 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* 100 Large/Donut Worry/Banana Haze

*These eLiquids were sent to me for the purpose of this review, thanks Damian!*

Relatively new to the game, 100 Large is smashing it! I had the pleasure of trying them briefly at the Vaper Expo this May, at the NEC in Birmingham.
Straight away, even the way this brand is marketed says a lot about the company. The shop I work at has taken on this line, and we are selling these juices like nobodies business!
I think something as simple as a mod cloth, or the included nic shots really hits a chord with consumers, not to mention the juices themselves are made with incredible pride and precision.
Many times eLiquid companies produce a line of flavours, and generally discern a 'crowd favourite'. However 100 Large juices all seem to be as popular as the next.
So! On to the reviews!

They sent me two of their 'Desserty' flavours, 'Donut Worry' and 'Banana Haze' . They are both 70% VG, and come in 120ml bottles, filled with 100ml of eLiquid, with enough room to add 2 x 10ml nicotine shots (that are included, alongside a 100 Large mod wipe)

The packaging and bottle graphics are simple yet effective, and there is absolutely no features that may entice children, something I really respect and admire.
The writing on the boxes and on the bottle itself is pertinent and informative, without waffling on.

Donut Worry
This juice comes across as a super rich and hearty strawberry based flavour. You can really pick up on the jam element, as it is so realistic and life like. This is compounded with a crispy, delectable doughnut that also tastes authentic.
The doughnut is definitely more prominent on the exhale, and the strawberry is carried throughout. However, during the whole vaping process, there was a delicate and welcomed touch of sweet, smooth vanilla. Something I felt really complimented the other components of this particular juice.
Due to this liquids intense and well crafted nature, I could definitely see this becoming an all day vape, especially for flavour chasers. Personally, my favourite thing about this juice would have to be its accurate and true to life flavour – it literally tastes like a strawberry doughnut!

Banana Haze
Love banana vapes, however they are notoriously difficult to execute properly. The banana flavouring in this juice presents itself as a rather creamy take on the fruit. It doesn't taste like a banana foam candy, but more like a banana custard. To me, it does not come across as being overly sweet or sickly, but at the same time, nor is it bland or unexciting.
There is a certain nuttiness to this eLiquid, that adds a warming dimension to this already enticing flavour, and this fact accentuates the 'vapability' of Banana Haze.
The clouds produced when vaping this juice are both sweet smelling and generous, and soon the room you are in will be full of cloudy banana goodness.
The best thing I found with this juice was it's perfect balance between sweet and savoury, it didn't feel at any point overly sickly nor at any time was it insipid.

So two solid flavours there! I could tell that lots of dedication and research went in to creating these juices, as it was reflected in the superior quality of each. I look forward to trying the others too, one day!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

*NEW MOD REVIEW* Vapor Storm Subverter

After the great success with the Puma 200W TC mod, Vapor Storm has come back with a new hard hitter...The Subverter!
This dual 18650 mod is like a breath of fresh air, and has some impressive features.
The Subverter feels very nice in the hand. It is light, but still comes across as substantial. I really liked the rounded edges, and the slightly rubberised feel to this mod.
In terms of aesthetics, the mod could hardly be more different. It appears to be some sort of 3D printed material.
It's size is very average for a 2 x 18650, 200w device (90.2x55x27mm)
At this moment in time, there are 3 main colour variants – Red, Orange and Green. They all have replaceable, magnetic doors for added customisation.

The screen is another unique selling point, it is rather small, however it is in colour! It shows several different pieces of information such as the wattage, each of the batteries individual voltages, battery life and resistance.
This is a very stylish and unique looking device, but how does it perform?
The Subverter has a massive 0.05-3.00Ω range, so is ideal for those of you who prefer to vape on super low builds. Alongside the ohms, the voltage range is also very respectable, allowing for maximum customisation when it comes to vaping on this device.
This mod can also accommodate TC settings, using a variety of materials and a temperature range of 100C-300C
The battery life is average when in comparison to other mods of this calibre, however another cool feature of this tidy little device, is that it involves a faster charging time, and delivers power to each of the 18650s in a very balanced way, so if you are stuck without an external charger, then no need to worry (although I still highly recommend using an external charger!)
Actually vaping on this device was amazing, using an Ni80 0.17 ohm dual coil at 80watts, the hit was immense and I was not expecting to be as responsive as it was!
A preview of the screens
In terms of it's simplicity, this mod is probably one of the most easy to use high powered mods I have tried so far in my time as a reviewer - Up and Down arrows to change the wattage and a fire button to vape. Press the 'fire' button three times to scroll through curve mode, power mode and TC mode, 'fire' button again to select.

The cost of this device varies, depending on where you are looking, although the average range is probably between £40-£50. Well worth it in my opinion!

Now, for the Pros and Cons

Light, durable and hard hitting.
Wide range of compatible resistances.
The rubberised finish.
The satisyingly clicky fire button!!!
Only available in three different colours

Overall, I really enjoyed this device from Vapor Storm, and I am excited to see what else they may have in the pipeline!!!



Thanks for reading and be sure to check for new reviews being added soon!

*This mod was kindly given to me by Vapor Storm, for the purpose of this review*

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


These eLiquids were kindly given to me by none other than the Strawberry Queen herself, Ashley Hansen. Both are available online and in selected brick and mortar shops across the UK.
Both of the juices I will be reviewing were in 60ml bottles, filled up to 50ml, leaving 10ml for an optional (but recommended) nicotine shot.

If I am honest, I have never tried a fried ice cream, nor do I even know how that works! Surely it would melt? I have tried astronaut's ice cream though, if that counts???

Far too many times, I have come across a juice, and it presents as if there is little to no sweetness to it, and then, on the other hand, there are those eLiquids that taste only of sugar water!
That's why I was so excited about this juice - right from the get go, there was a sweet, wholesome aroma of vanilla. It was neither bland nor was it too potent, it smelled like it was going to be the perfect ratios!
On the inhale, you get an ultra smooth creaminess that engulfs your tastebuds, and as you hold the vapour in your mouth, the flavour evolves into a slightly sharper more acute caramelised taste that really compliments the creamier constituents.
Upon exhalation, there is an undoubtedly rich and wholesome overtone of the vanilla matched by the smoothness of the ice cream, both colliding in an explosion of flavours.
Overall, a delicious and well rounded flavour, I really liked the smoothness to this eLiquid.
Top Stuff!

Banana Butt – Right Cheek
Again, a high VG short-fill, Right Cheek is here with all of it's banana glory!
The first impression i got on the inhale, was that the banana flavouring used in this juice was unlike many others i have tried – it tastes very ripe and realistic - and not like this candy foam banana malarkey!
As I held the vapour in my mouth and lungs, there was a smooth, fluffy creaminess that became noticeable. To me, it really complimented the banana, as it didn't overpower the taste as a whole.
On exhalation, a buttery pie crust flavour drew the banana and whipped cream together, to complete the fantastic juice that is Right Cheek!
I found that the cloud on the exhale to not only taste good, but it also produces mega clouds!!!

Friday, 27 April 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEWS* Wick Addiction

Special thanks to Tracey from Wick Addiction for supplying me with some juices to review.
All of the following juices, and their respected ranges are available today at , as well as in selected brick and mortar shops up and down the country.

It's Blackcurrant
This eLiquid started off as an extremely refreshing and juicy berry styled vape. The lack of menthol in this liquid was enjoyable , all too often blackcurrant is paired up with a menthol constituent. This one, however, was somewhat more simplified
in terms of the flavour ingredients, and actually worked well, as it was not unnecessarily complex, as found with many liquids on the market at the moment in the vaping world. Sometimes less is best!
You will be really surprised at how pleasant it is to vape this flavour.

It's Apple Crumble
Nothing beats a lovely, warming Apple Crumble for pudding, and this juice's likeness to it's edible counterpart is uncanny.
You get the full on spiced apple right away, and it lingers in a unique and strangely satisfying way.
As you begin to exhale, there becomes a more apparent note of buttery crumble that adds an element of warmth to the sweet apple. The crumble, for me, was very accurate, in regards to how well the creators of this liquid judged the perfect ratios.
Very well executed, more-ish and satisfies your sweet tooth!

It's Tropical
This is pretty much a straightforward one, but is still super palatable. On the inhale, a blast of ripe fruits pushes it's way into your senses, and really grabs your attention. Despite its fruity nature, this juice doesn't come across as sour nor artificial. It is a straight up fruit cocktail, that continues to excite your taste buds throughout the whole vaping experience.
I particularly enjoyed the smoothness found whilst vaping this flavour.

Peanut Brittle
Wow!!! This is hands down the most realistic peanut flavour I have tried in a long time!
Even before I opened the bottle, there was a slightly sweet aroma of peanuts. As soon as I began to vape this liquid, the smell was quashed by an even more flavourful inhale.
The peanut is neither too sweet nor too salty, and is paired wonderfully with a smooth and subtle caramel element.
These two flavours combined and compliment one another, creating a uniquely well designed eLiquid, ideal for dessert lovers.

Strawberry and Lime Sherbet
As a recent fan of sherbet flavours, I have tried a fair few I have not liked, however this is not one of them.
It was a rather delicate take on the usually brash, sharp and sour sherbet liquids.
The strawberry is most noticeable on inhalation, and then morphs in to a refreshing lime flavour.
After exhalation, a sweet and somewhat sugary taste is left on your tongue, an I found this to be rather nice.

Monday, 9 April 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEWS* Propaganda Premium eLiquid

Propaganda Premium eLiquid
I recently had the pleasure of meeting the crew behind Propaganda eLiquid. They kindly supplied me with eLiquids for the purpose of this review.
All the bottles that I received were all TPD compliant short fills, containing 50ml of eLiquid, leaving 10mls spare in order to add optional nicotine.

This juice is a warm, sweet and inviting flavour that delivers a smooth, spiced apple, followed by a soft cakey aftertaste.
The apple is slightly less prominent than the cinnamon on the inhale, and this accentuates the fact that the apple is a smooth undertone. Having said that, the cinnamon is at no point overpowering nor sickly.
Upon exhaling, there is a definitive and welcomed sweetness that leaves a wonderful taste on your tongue.
I really enjoyed how easy this juice was to vape, as it wasn't too potent nor was it too flavourless.

The Hype Collection

– Cotton Candy
Candy floss flavours are my go to at the moment, and I have found it hard to find a decent one. Propaganda have hit it out of the park with this one though!!!
On the inhale there is a fruity candy flavour hat makes your mouth water in a pleasant and unique way. When exhaling, a subtle sweetness really mimics the soft sugariness found with actual cotton candy.
After you breathe out, the sweetness continues in a satisfying aftertaste that is not sickly nor unpleasant.
I think I have found my new ADV!!!

- Strawberry Shortcake
A mild yet tasty blend of ripe, juicy strawberries, and a biscuit base, this flavour is an ideal, smooth and delicious vape.
The strawberry is somewhat jam like, and tastes sweet without being sickly at all. This is then backed up on the exhale, by a buttery and crumbly biscuit.
Together, these two flavour components combine to create a more-ish and well executed overall flavour.
I feel like the strawberry was the more obvious flavour, however I don't think I overpowered the shortcake, but rather complimented it.
This juice would be a great candidate for when you are after a mild and smooth flavour, instead of a strong and potent one.
I enjoyed this flavour immensely.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Vandy Vape is back with yet another fantastic piece of kit, the Kensei 24 RTA.
The Kensei has ironed out all the minor flaws found with the original Vandy Vape RTAs. For those of you who don't know, the one of the originals - the Kylin was notoriously difficult to wick, causing slight leaking or dry hits. Well, I can safely say after 2 weeks, I have not experienced either of those problems.
The Kensei is robust and well made that features an easy to build on, 24K gold plated, two post deck, it also has bottom airflow, something I found to help accentuate clouds and flavour. As well as adjustable airflow, the Kensei also offers adjustable juice flow. I personally prefer to leave the juice flow halfway opened, to allow just enough eliquid to vape on, but everyone has different opinions!
In the box that the RTA comes in, you get a spare 'bubble glass', increasing the original 2ml up to 4ml, so you can rely on keeping it nice and topped up.
On that note, this RTA is super easy to fill, the top simply twists off, leaving two gaps for you to pop your liquid in.
If anyone knows me, you will know that i am a die hard RDA fan, and, up until now, I have had no reason to want to use an RTA..but then the Kensei came in to my life!!!
This rebuildable tank not only looks good, but it performs excellently as well. I got just enough throat hit to satisfy my nicotine craving, and big clouds. The thing is, i was running a dual coil build at 0.15 ohms and was only firing my mod at 60watts – Low but still very effective!
The only thing that may be a slight problem for you, is the frequency at which you will need to fill the 2ml tank, but Vandy Vape has already foreseen this, as they provide the 4ml extension glass in the box it came in!
I would definitely recommend this piece of kit to vapers who are wanting to move from sub ohm tanks to starting to build there own coils on an RTA, or even for RDA users that don't want to keep dripping every 10 puffs!