Sunday, 11 September 2016

Juice Review : Moose Knuckle

All the way from Alaska, USA, I discovered Moose Knuckle's eJuices at the Birmingham Vaper Expo.
It was refreshing to try the line of juices displayed on their stand, for two reasons. One being I have never tried an Alaskan eJuice and two was the fact the MK creators were adamant that their juices were totally unique and they would only release a juice if it was 100% perfect and had met their high standards.
Now, I had a bit of a dilemma – were they just blowing smoke (no pun intended!)? Or were the juices as good as they promised?
Trying the eLiquids instantly made my mind up, the juices really were of high quality, and despite trying similar flavours from other brands, I found Moose Knuckle's to be just that little bit different.

The bottles I received were all 15ml, 3mg nicotine, 70% VG and had child proof caps.
They have a bright orange cap, as well as a matching orange label. The glass itself is tinted brown, which helps protect the juice from sunlight.

I was given 5 different flavours: Krispy Krack, Watermelon Candy, Tundra Punch, French Custard and Wild Berry Skittlez.
First of all, I am trying 'Tundra Punch'
Tundra Punch
Straight away the fact that this is a fruit punch flavour really appeals to me. Trying this juice out on a dripper really accentuates the blast of flavours including cherry, red apple, orange and pineapple.
A wave of fruity goodness hits your tongue on the inhale and as you sit there vaping, this eliquid transports your mind and tastebuds to a tropical beach, drinking fruit punch. It's amazing how similar Tundra Punch is to a glass of the real thing – although I wouldn't recommend drinking an eJuice! This is a fantastic summertime vape, and is both delicious and revitalising, bringing together a sweet, mouth watering blend of fruits to your palette. I was thoroughly delighted with Tundra Punch, and would give it 4/5

Wild Berry Skittlez
Wild Berry Skittlez is just that- berry flavoured skittles. I had been on the lookout for a decent skittles vape and upon discovering that Moose Knuckle had developed one, I had to try it!
On the inhale there is a rush of mixed fruit candy that includes tastes like strawberry, raspberry and cherry. The taste is reminiscent of skittles in the fact that it does taste a little synthetic - not in a bad way, but rather the artificialness tasted when eating sweets.
When you exhale there is a unique sensation of tasting both a rich sweetness and a tart sourness. Overall, it is hands down a skittles vape, no doubt about that, it tasted was just like eating sweets but without the sugar high! 3/5

Watermelon Candy
Candy watermelon is quite a popular flavour at the moment in the vape world and I have tried a few.
Moose Knuckle's version is quite mellow, great for an all the time vape due to it not being too powerful. The primary taste is obviously watermelon candy, the watermelon being mild and fruity with a touch of sourness and the candy counteracting it with a pleasing sugary sweetness.
In conclusion , I found this juice to be a very soft take on a widely popular flavour, and it has the capability to be an all day vape. I liked it for these reasons- especially the muted nature of the watermelon. 3/5

French Custard
A creamy and delicious take on custard that is both smooth and wholesome.I have tried many custard flavours and it is a widely sought after taste. This juice has a unique element of vanilla spice, that sets this eLiquid apart from other custard vapes.
Inhaling this on my dripper, there was a warm, sweet and mild taste that really compliments your taste buds.
As a custard flavoured eliquid, I found this juice to deliver in terms of accuracy when it comes to getting the flavouring right.
To conclude, my experience with French Custard by Moose Knuckles was rather enjoyable and I would say it easily makes it into my Top 3 custard vapes. 4/5

Krispy Krack
I have tried a fair few donut flavoured eJuices during the time I have been vaping. I found most tasted the same, they really need to have something unique that jumps out at you. Many seem to taste like a dull, repetitive and bland take on a glazed donut.
So, with a bit of trepidation, I dripped some Krispy Krack on to my RDA, and inhaled.
This donut flavour is quite potent in a good way as most others come across as unexciting.To taste, Krispy Krack is a mouth wateringly vivid and powerful glazed donut.
There is an appetising sense of sugary, fried dough. It is so accurate, it almost feels like you are eating a donut. I was very pleased with Krispy Krack and its strong tasting flavour. I will definitely be vaping this again and again! 4/5


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