Sunday, 11 September 2016

Juice Review : Fried Cream Cake by Liquid EFX

Have you ever tried a Twinkie? Well, this eLiquid is just that, but without the calories!
This juice comes in a bright yellow box, with images of cakes and red bubble writing. Inside the box, there is a plastic 60ml bottle with a twisty cap and similar graphics to the box it came in. It has warnings and brief information about the juice itself. The juice is a beautiful amber colour and is thick and not watery at all.
My juice was 3mg (it also comes in 0mg and 6mg too), 60ml and 70%VG. To smell, it reminded me of a pound cake flavoured juice I recently reviewed. However, the taste was rather different. It always amazes me when I try an eLiquid like this because it literally tastes like somebody got a bunch of fried cream cakes, mixed them in a blender, then popped it into a bottle, ready to vape.
It is perfectly made of flavours like fried and battered yellow sponge cake as well as creamy vanilla frosting and a touch of dusted sugar.
The cake side of the juice is warm and sweet, a delicious fluffiness engulfs your tastebuds as you inhale. Whilst you are just about to exhale, the smoothness of vanilla takes over the cake flavour and only then will one appreciate the complexity of this stellar eLiquid.
You do get a light aftertaste of powdered sugar that rounds off the flavours neatly.

70% VG seems to be a standard at the moment for higher VG juices, and, personally I prefer 70% VG, as I seem to get amazing clouds as well as decent flavour. This juice from Liquid EFX lives up to this standard VG:PG ratio, and when trying it, you can tell how well the vapour is produced by the extensive clouds you get when exhaling.
This juice is very viscous and only sub ohm set ups or RDAs/RTAs will support this eLiqiud's thickness. I used it on an RDA and the clouds were beyond impressive!

A 60ml bottle will set you back around $27 (roughly £20), which, again is about the average price for a 60ml bottle nowadays. You do get a lot of bang for your buck though, as it is generally more economic to buy one big bottle rather than several small ones.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with this instalment from Liquid EFX, and I still cannot get over the likeness it has with the real fried cake. The taste was simply phenomenal and vapour production was pretty good. Fantastic juice, definitely put this on to your 'To Try List' if you are a fan of dessert flavours that are not too overpoweringly sweet!

5/5 !

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