Monday, 24 October 2016

Juice Review : Harmony by Kotis

Harmony is a mild yet fruity berry flavoured eLiquid that is both refreshing and tantalising to the taste buds.
As a max VG juice, Harmony still encompasses great flavour alongside impressive cloud production. The liquid itself is rather thick, however, I found that it is not as detrimental to your coils as other max VG juices can be, meaning you won't have to replace coils and cotton as often.
So, on to the flavour! The main components of this liquid are a mixture of  fruity berries, all juicy, sweet and a little tart. There is a definite wholeness of revitalising raspberry on the inhale, it is ever so fresh and tastes quite realistic (as some raspberry flavours can come across as being a little artificial)
On the exhale, there is a blast of tart blueberries that rounds off the sweetness of the raspberry. The blueberry flavouring used in this juice tastes genuine and doesn't overwhelm the senses.  Blueberry is a difficult flavour to nail, as most end up tasting like processed jam, and this juice tastes exactly like the real deal.
Overall, I really enjoyed this eLiquid and it's freshness, plus it's fantastic cloud production.
It is available online at at £7.99 for 20ml, be sure to check it out, it is truly a delightful experience!


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