Sunday, 11 September 2016

Juice Review : Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady

A while back, somebody recommended 'Lemon Tart' by Dinner Lady. I had registered it in the back of my mind, ready to buy it as soon as I got the chance. Unfortunately, it was so far in the back of my mind that I was soon side tracked and had forgotten about it, until today that is...
I have tried several lemon-based vapes in the past year or so, and have reviewed them, but as the most recent, Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart is the clear winner so far, in my opinion.
The bottle itself is rather fitting, as it is bright yellow, with red, white and blue labelling. It includes several health and safety warnings, as well as a brief ingredient list.

I was ever so excited to get this eLiquid, and even the smell alone was enough to completely entice my senses.
Lemon Tart smells very lemony (obviously!) and sweet, no overt signs of an artificial, soapy nor sour citrus to it.
As soon as I opened the bottle, and had given it a sniff, I could hardly wait to try it, as it has gained a rather extensive set of fans recently. I decided to drip it on my RDA, at 70watts and 0.2ohms, and pure, ecstatic deliciousness was soon unleashed!
The lemon element was sweet and wholesome, not artificial in any way, shape or form. It tasted almost creamy, not unlike a lemon-based cheesecake- or more obvious, a lemon meringue tart!
I really liked the smoothness of the creamy lemon , and the taste lingers, something that is actually quite a nice touch.
As I began to exhale, a new set of flavours were exposed - a sugary yet mild hint of meringue that really compliments the lemon, and a buttery and crumbly thin crust pastry undertone that rounds off all of the different components of this liquid.
At 70% VG, and on a dripper, vapour production was fantastic, the creaminess of the juice made it even more appealing and satisfying to vape on.
The Dinner Lady is a UK based eLiquid company, and is available in store and online, retailing at about £15, depending on when and where you decide to purchase it. Unfortunately, due to it's high demand recently, it may be out of stock or could take a little longer to be delivered, again, depending on where you choose to get it.

Overall, I loved this juice so much that I would go as far as to say it has gone straight up in to my Top 3 flavours that I have tried in the past few months or so. It is truly a flavour of gods, deliciously executed, not too sweet or sickly, easily an all day vape and mouth wateringly delectable cloud production. Hats off to Dinner Lady, you really smashed it! 5/5!


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