Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hardware Review - The Aspire Plato

The Aspire Plato is a truly beautiful all-in-one device that really delivers in terms of both flavour and vapour production. The RRP of this kit is, on average, £59.99.

The size of this device is great because it's small enough to fit in your pocket and big enough to feel substantial in your hand. Its height (including the drip tip) is 100mm,the width is 50mm and the depth is 23mm.
The Plato comes in several colours including Black, Rose Gold, Grey, Lavender, Weathered Gold, White, Pink and Blue – so no shortage of choice!
Aside from the amazing aesthetics of this device, it is magnificently practical and you can tell it is really well designed due to it's durable materials and sleek finish. .
It is capable of firing up to 50W and can be used in temperature control mode.
One of the appealing things about the Plato, is that it can be used both for mouth-to-lung inhalation (using a 1.8 ohm Triton Mini coil) as well as for direct-to-lung inhalation (using the 0.4ohm Plato coil).
The tank is made of Pyrex glass and is removable, allowing you to replace it , if it should break.The tank is able to hold up to 5.6ml of liquid when using the Triton Mini coil, and 4.6ml when using a 0.4ohm coil. It features 2 juice holes that are extremely easy to fill, and so far, I haven't experienced any leakages.
I found the Plato to be very reliable and proficient for everyday vaping, however I have a couple of things I am not 100% happy about; firstly the juice channels on the coils are a bit high up, meaning you have to fill the tank up past halfway in order to avoid dry hits. Secondly, the battery (provided with the kit) seems to drain quite quickly. I consider myself to be a heavy vaper, and one full charge lasts me about 30-50 minutes of vape time. A solution to this could be to put a battery on charge whilst using another one, and swap them around when they discharge.
There is the capability of firmware updates for this device, just connect the Plato with your computer using the Micro USB cable.

I have tried a few all-in-one devices but some leaked badly, had little or no airflow control and were not as ergonomically pleasing. So far I have never experienced such a great flavour and vapour production from an all in one kit, The Plato is easily the best AIO I have tried!

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