Monday, 12 February 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* Zom-b Cloud Juice

Zom-B Cloud
Special Thanks to Shaun for supplying me with the following eliquids for the purpose of this review!

The Zom-B Cloud range is based on a popular line of energy drinks. They are available in short-fill form, 50ml eLiquid, 60ml gorilla bottle, leaving enough room for an optional 10ml 18mg nicotine shot.
The VG:PG ratio is 80:20, meaning this line is ideal for drippers and sub ohm tanks. As you could imagine, the high VG percentage results in impressive cloud production.
It is manufactured in Poole, Dorset and is available online and in brick and mortar shop such as Life's a Drag in Parkstone, Poole. It retails, on average, £15.00-£16.00 for 50ml of eLiquid.

This line is based on different flavoured energy drinks. As a huge fan of energy drinks, I was excited to try these eliquids.
I decided that the best way to test out these e Juices was to use an RDA setup, ensuring that I got the best flavour and cloud production possible.

Grizzly Gore
As a vaper, I have tried a handful of energy drink flavoured eLiquids, and they were rather generic and unimpressive. But then I tried Grizzly Gore!!!
This juice is probably my favourite in this line of eLiquids. It is sweet, sour and has a fizziness to it that really makes this flavour pop. You definitely get a pleasant and not too overpowering taste of energy drink (surprise surprise!).
This juice is fantastic, from the inhale all the way to the exhale and aftertaste. It carries well and you can actually appreciate the progression of flavours, as you vape it, and at no point was it unpleasant.
Despite being rather sweet, I could definitely use this juice as my all day vape, due to it's more-ish and appealing flavour.
Especially when using an RDA, I found that Grizzly Gore was just an all-rounder that exceeded my predictions. Great Stuff!

Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever is a delightful blend of ripe, tropical fruits that are expertly mixed to create a refreshing and summery eLiquid.
Right from the get go, you can tell that Yellow Fever is a super fruity juice that hits all the right spots.
The fruity tones taste very realistic, and it kind of felt like I was tucking in to a fresh fruit salad.
There is a slight touch of energy drink, however I think that the fruitiness outweighs it, but not in a bad way!
The whole experience of vaping Yellow Fever was very rewarding to say the least. It lived up to my expectations, it delivered a great set of flavours and was certainly carefully crafted and well made. I particularly enjoyed the sweetness that the fruit brought to the table, as well as the impressive clouds on the exhale.

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