Saturday, 27 January 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* Double Drip by Vapouriz

Yet again, Vapouriz have hit it well out of the park with these new instalments from their premium high VG line, Double Drip.
Last year, I was kindly given the entire range of stunning eLiquids in this line.

I can honestly say that with all of the Double Drip line, the design and colour scheme is fantastic. It really makes me interested and eager to try them. They say to never judge a book by its cover, but when the packaging is this lush, it's kind of hard not to!

You can get this whole line in shops up and down the country, but is always available from

After the strong success seen with the first lot of flavours, Vapouriz has gone from strength to strength, catering for all levels of vapers. Double Drip is a high VG line, so is ideal for sub ohmer's and drippers alike.
The eLiquids I was given were all 80% VG and came in 'short fill' (meaning that the liquid itself is 0mg nicotine and that there's enough room in the bottle to add optional nicotine)

This line comes in 60ml 'Chubby Gorilla' bottles that are easy to use, and accurate to fill even the tightest of tanks. There are all the necessary warnings and snippets of information, that you can expect with eLiquid manufacturing this day in age.

One thing I would like to say before I forget, is the fact that Double Drip has such a wide range of flavours that are suitable for everyone. You get ones that are desserty, fruity, mentholated, creamy and even candy too!

Moving swiftly on!

Caramel Apple Cake
Straight away, there is a vivid and enticing aroma of sweet caramel, even before I vaped it!
This caramel edge really makes the slightly tart apple more pronounced and blends together delightfully.
The apple in this eLiquid didn't come across as candy-like nor sour, it turned out more like an apple cake (no surprises there then!). There was a definitive cakeyness that rounded off the inhale, and I found it to be thoroughly accurate to the flavour description.
I particularly enjoyed the soft sensation of the caramel, and the way it complimented the other flavour elements.
Strawberry Laces & Sherbet
Quite a popular set of flavours are doing the rounds in the eLiquid world as of late, candy. Double Drip has come up with not just one, but three Sherbet based flavours so far, and they've pulled it off beautifully.
This juice, again, tastes true to life. The strawberry laces come across as sweet and has an almost chewy edge to it. The sweetness of the laces is counteracted with a sharpness delivered by the tart sherbet.
I found that the sherbet element to this juice even tasted as if it was fizzy, something many juice manufacturers strive to get right, however Double Drip has really got it right with this one.

Sherbet Rainbow
Okay, another sherbet flavour, how different could they be? Well, as I inhaled, I found out!
This one doesn't focus so much on the more strawberry side, but rather a myriad of fruity, effervescent sweetness, that makes your mouth water. I discovered that on inhalation, there was a more pronounced flavour that is teetering on the edge of great sourness. On exhaling, I noticed a very different set of flavour sensations, including an unmatched sweetness and an almost syrupy element that there was an accurate and well balanced counteraction between to two tastes.
A perfect, refreshing summertime vape reminiscent of a stick of sherbet you had as a child, this eLiquid is ideal for people who enjoy great flavour and great quality e Juices.

Lemon, Lime and Tangerine Ice
I've tried lemon flavours, I've tried lime ones too, but I have never tried a tangerine one. I was very pleasantly surprised when I began vaping on this beautiful juice. The different flavour components really worked well together, and I found that there was an equal amount of fruity citrus and a cool, slightly mentholated exhale.
The lemon and lime join forces in terms of their similarity, but that's when the tangerine comes in. It completely threw the juice on its head – but in a good way! It gave this juice a very different vibe that is not commonly found in eLiquids at the moment.
The touch of ice is most noticeable on the exhale, but it is not overpoweringly potent, however it is rather a more complimentary note that gives this juice its kick.
This one is definitely for the vapers who are looking for a unique take on menthol, with a touch of something special.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Vapouriz once again, for supplying me with such fantstic eLiquids. They have shown nothing but support and kindness, helping me along with my writing.

You can check them out over at 


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