Monday, 12 February 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* Seduce Juice Line

Seduce Juice

Strawberry Mayhem
Strawberry Mayhem is a super ripe and juicy fruit flavour that lingers pleasantly on your tongue. There is no complicated cakeyness or cre
aminess to it, and is much more of a refreshing fruity based flavour. At first I could only notice the sweet strawberry, but after a few puffs, there was a more apparent note of mango (I think!)
The different fruits merge together in a way I can only describe as being very complimentary towards one another. The sweetness of the strawberry is met with the slightly more vivid touch of mango. I could also pick up on perhaps a citrus element to this juice that was nicely included in this already revitalising eLiquid.
I personally enjoyed the refreshing nature of this juice, and by no means is it too sweet to be a contender as an all day vape.

Melon Q-cumber
Melon flavours are all the rage at the moment, but cucumber flavours are certainly few and far between. If I am being honest, I initially thought that I wasn't going to like this juice due to it's slightly alternative flavour description.
But I tried it any ways. And I'm glad I did! To say that this eLiquid was refreshing is a definite understatement, and despite it being a chilly February morning, I could picture this juice being a hit with lots of vapers out there, especially on a warm summers day.
The first sort of flavour that you get with this juice, is a sweet and ripe honeydew melon that is neither too weak, nor too potent - It is in just the right proportion.
On the back of the inhale is when you really start to get the cucumber. It is also not too overbearing, delivering a unique and rewarding edge.
I was really impressed with this eLiquid, and as I mentioned earlier, it will definitely be a go to for summertime all day vapes.

Strawberry Mayhem Ice
So, Strawberry Mayhem was delicious. This is an evolved take on the original, that offers a very slight touch of cool menthol. As you may know, I am not the biggest fan of menthol, however this juice was smooth and fresh. The whole menthol side to it was not in any way over the top, as I find with many other mentholated flavours on the market at the moment.
In many ways this juice is identical to the normal Strawberry Mayhem, the cool edge to this one compliments the fruitier elements.

This juice was tangy and mouth watering, and despite having a touch of menthol, this could appeal to all vapers, whether they like an iciness to their eliquid or not.

Banana Custard
Two of my favourite flavours all mixed in to one! I was very excited to try this flavour down to the fact custards are my absolute number 1 at the moment.
The most noticeable taste to this juice -especially on the inhale, is a creamy, ripe and smooth banana that is carefully blended with a warm and inviting custard. There is a definitive sweet wholesomeness to this eLiquid that makes this juice very more-ish. It was very well concocted and delivered a well balanced and very tasty blend of both of the two main flavour components.
This juice really hit the spot, it was incredibly satisfying to vape. I also liked the fact that, compared to the other flavours in this line, it was something a little bit different. The others were all on the fruity refreshing side, whereas this one was a lot more warm and calming.
Definitely my favourite in this line, it is currently my all day vape, and I'm sure it will be for many vapers.

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