Monday, 12 February 2018

*NEW MOD REVIEW* Wismec Luxotic kit

Special thanks to UKVB ( for sending this mod my way for me to review!!!

After much success in the mod world, Wismec is joining the game of squonking. There has been a surge in popularity for 'squonking' recently, a method of vaping that involves a bottom fed squeezable bottle (usually made from silicone) that is filled with your preferred eLiquid. This then connects to an RDA via a 'squonk Pin' which is basically a standard 510 connection, but with a hole to allow eliquid to pass from the silicone bottle, through a tube and into the bottom of your RDA. This method is quickly becoming more and more prevalent amongst advanced vapers, due to the ease of use, and eliminating the need to continually drip eLiquid on to your coils – just squeeze the bottle and you are good to go!
I have dabbled in the way of squonkers, however many felt cheap and flimsy, plus the added anxiety of the fact that they have all been mechanical, creating an uneasiness within me, worrying about accidental firing, shorts, leakages and other malfunctions that may arise when utilising a mechanical mod. I was about ready to hang up my attempts at squonking, but then UKVB sent over the brand new Wismec Luxotic...

Straight away, the whole feel of the mod is great. It is weighty and substantial, it didn't feel like it was about to break in my hands and I could tell that it is manufactured with precision and care.
In terms of aesthetics, this mod is sleek, compact and attractive, whilst retaining great build quality. Currently it is available in 3 colour variants, Yellow Honeycomb, Green Honeycomb and a Green/Blue resin. The doors are removable, allowing you to change the colour scheme of your mod. I really like the stainless steel side of this device, it looks very professional and feels durable.
The Luxotic is a single 18650, semi regulated mod that works very much like a mech, but with added safety features such as power limiting protection. Even though this device is semi regulated, it has a maximum output of 100W, making it an ideal choice for big clouds and big flavour. Another positive is the fact you can actually switch the device on or off, giving you the assurance that the mod will not fire when it is in your pocket or handbag etc. It holds a silicone squonk bottle with a capacity of an astounding 7.5ml.

The RDA that comes with the Luxotic kit is the 'Tobhino' a purpose built atomiser, complete with a bottom fed squonk pin. It features a postless deck and is ideal for single coil builds. I really liked the fact that you can actually remove the 510 drip tip, and use the included adapter for an 810 wide bore tip.
I also found that the whole look of the RDA to be sleek and unassuming. It is short and discreet whilst still packing a huge punch.

I found that the whole set up was extremely easy to use, and provided a great vaping experience, the inhales were hard hitting and the flavour was out of this world. I appreciated that the silicone bottle was a little bit stiff in comparison to other bottles that I have tried, purely down to the fact that it reduces the chance of accidental squeezing.
The Tobhino RDA was incredibly easy to build on, and the airflow adjustments were great and would suit any vaper.

Even though I really liked the Luxotic, the fact that you cannot adjust the wattage was a very slight hindrance. Although having said that, the auto regulation on this mod is spot on, and you can guarantee the hit you get will be very satisfying! 

The Luxotic/Tobhino kit has an RRP of £59.99, making it a very decent cost for what you are getting.
Overall, a great little device that I think would suit intermediate vapers who are interested in trying squonking, with a carefully engineered mod but without the huge price tag

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