Wednesday, 14 February 2018

*NEW MOD REVIEW* VCIGO Moon Box kit from Sigelei

*This kit was given to me for the purpose of this review*

The VCIGO Moon Box is a welcomed addition to the Sigelei family, and is certainly unique when it comes to looks and functionality. After the great success that was found with the Moonshot RDTA, they have come out with the Moon Box. This mod comes as a kit with the Moonshot RDTA, of which I will mention later.
As a kit, the average RRP is a decent £25-£35. Making it a competitive and well designed contender for intermediate to advance vapers.

The Moon Box is a regulated, dual 18650 box mod, with an adjustable 4 way wattage dial, ranging from 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W.
It is crafted uniquely, utilising a light, yet durable tin plate that comes in three different colour schemes that are funky and modern. It feels light to hold, but still robust and the finish is smooth and stylish. It is very reminiscent of the tin that the Moonshot RDTA comes in, although it has obviously modified to be used as a high powered box mod.
This mod is incredibly easy to operate, and performs well. I got some really decent hits, both when using a rebuildable atomiser and when using a standard sub ohm tank.
One thing you will notice, is the fact that there is no screen to see the ohms/voltage/battery life etc. You can see the dial to find out the wattage, but everything else is a bit of guess work. You can switch this mod on or off by clicking the fire button 5 times. It has an option of charging the device via micro USB, although it is highly recommended to charge your batteries through a purpose made external battery charger.

I have had a Moon Shot RDTA in the past, but didn't use it as much over time, due to the fact I much preferred vaping using an RDA.
However, when I got this kit, I popped some new coils in it and carefully wicked it. Now I have heard that a large proportion of vapers who have this RDTA, have experienced issues such as leaking as well as dry hits. All I can say is put a decent, preferably high gauge wire dual build, and practice practice practice when it comes to the wicking. It is not an easy job, but you will know when you've got it, as you will get a hefty hit, plus incredible flavour, and you won't have to worry when it comes to leaks or dry hits.
The whole RDTA is a little tricky when you first look at it. It breaks down into about 5 separate pieces, and it is advised that you do some research on YouTube when you decide to put a build in. The deck is small, so it's probably best to build small, compact coils. However this size is quite refreshing, as there are so many huge rebuildable tanks out there, in fact, I would say that the flavour and vapour production rivals some of the better known, bulkier tanks.

- The unique look of the mod.
- The compact yet powerful hit when using the Moon Shot RDTA
- The price is crazy for what you are getting, making this an ideal set up for those who are on a budget but don't want to scrimp when it comes to quality.

-The lack of a display screen. But, having said that, the absence of a screen adds to the unique nature of this mod.
- The slightly confusing process of building on the Moon Shot.

A breath of fresh air – literally! It looks awesome, works great, costs very little and is different and unique in the looks department. This kit is fab, I would definitely recommend it!!!

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