Tuesday, 27 February 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* Vapouriz 'Pocket Fuel' Shortfills

A special thanks to Sam from Vapouriz for sending these eLiquids my way for review!

After trying (and loving) the Double Drip eLiquids also produced by Vapouriz, I was excited at the prospect of testing these ones out too.

Vapouriz is proud to carefully create all of its products, all in registered clean rooms, ensuring the the highest standard possible.

This range is available in 10ml and some 50ml short fills. At the moment, only four flavours are in the short fill size, Blackberry Grape Spritz, Menthol Mist, Blue Raspberry and Pink Fizz.

These eLiquids are 80/20 VG/PG, and are ideal for sub ohm vaping, ensuring great cloud production and a full, well rounded flavour.

I have been trying these eLiquids out on an RDA setup, with a dual coil build reading 0.2ohms. I re wick before each flavour to get the full potential out of each juice.

Blue Raspberry
As a firm favourite of mine, blue raspberry eLiquids hold a special place in my daily juice arsenal. I have tried many different takes on this widely popular flavour profile, and, despite being partial to it, I can pick apart certain juices and assess the different elements found in different recipes. It tastes like a blue slushie, sour and sweet and very refreshing!
It is a smooth, fruity flavour that is perfect for when you are after a sweet, not overly strong tasting yet revitalising raspberry.
I liked the mildness of this eLiquid, mixed with a very palatable and slightly 'zingy' aftertaste.
I have come across many that err on the side of iciness, and I personally do not like that. However, with this juice there was no element of menthol to ruin the effect of the fruity raspberry.
This is a no frills, straight up blue raspberry, it tastes nice and is very easy to vape.

Pink Fizz
Pink Fizz is a rather unique set of tastes. Straight away there is a blast of sweet, flavourful and ripe berries, this is most noticeable on smelling the liquid. When vaping, however, there is a more prominent note of a fizzy but mild champagne.
As someone who rarely drinks alcohol, it was an interesting flavour to vape. The berry elements so

rt of made up the majority of the flavour, and I felt like the two main constituents worked well with one another, combining to create a sweet and refreshing eLiquid.
I particularly enjoyed the overall freshness to this flavour, it would be an ideal summertime vape.

Blackberry Grape Spritz
Saving the best for last, we have 'Blackberry Grape Spritz' a delicious blend of juicy, ripe berry and sweet, tangy grape.
It is a great, fulfilling flavour that is very easy to get through. The smell of this eLiquid was extremely fresh and enticing, and vaping it was even better!
First, you get a slightly sour blackberry that makes your mouth water, and upon exhale, the grape takes the reigns and finishes off the flavour in a sweet and almost bubblegummy fashion.
Even the smell of the vapour draws attention from others, asking what flavour I am using.
Overall, there was a very revitalising nature to this juice that set it apart from many I have tried in my time as a vape reviewer.
As I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to vape this juice, as it is so more-ish and not easy to get sick of.
Definitely my favourite in this line!

You can purchase all of these eLiquid over at https://www.vapouriz.co.uk/e-liquid-store/sub-ohm/pocket-fuel/

as well as many brick and mortar vape shops across the UK.

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