Tuesday, 8 May 2018


These eLiquids were kindly given to me by none other than the Strawberry Queen herself, Ashley Hansen. Both are available online and in selected brick and mortar shops across the UK.
Both of the juices I will be reviewing were in 60ml bottles, filled up to 50ml, leaving 10ml for an optional (but recommended) nicotine shot.

If I am honest, I have never tried a fried ice cream, nor do I even know how that works! Surely it would melt? I have tried astronaut's ice cream though, if that counts???

Far too many times, I have come across a juice, and it presents as if there is little to no sweetness to it, and then, on the other hand, there are those eLiquids that taste only of sugar water!
That's why I was so excited about this juice - right from the get go, there was a sweet, wholesome aroma of vanilla. It was neither bland nor was it too potent, it smelled like it was going to be the perfect ratios!
On the inhale, you get an ultra smooth creaminess that engulfs your tastebuds, and as you hold the vapour in your mouth, the flavour evolves into a slightly sharper more acute caramelised taste that really compliments the creamier constituents.
Upon exhalation, there is an undoubtedly rich and wholesome overtone of the vanilla matched by the smoothness of the ice cream, both colliding in an explosion of flavours.
Overall, a delicious and well rounded flavour, I really liked the smoothness to this eLiquid.
Top Stuff!

Banana Butt – Right Cheek
Again, a high VG short-fill, Right Cheek is here with all of it's banana glory!
The first impression i got on the inhale, was that the banana flavouring used in this juice was unlike many others i have tried – it tastes very ripe and realistic - and not like this candy foam banana malarkey!
As I held the vapour in my mouth and lungs, there was a smooth, fluffy creaminess that became noticeable. To me, it really complimented the banana, as it didn't overpower the taste as a whole.
On exhalation, a buttery pie crust flavour drew the banana and whipped cream together, to complete the fantastic juice that is Right Cheek!
I found that the cloud on the exhale to not only taste good, but it also produces mega clouds!!!

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