Friday, 27 April 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEWS* Wick Addiction

Special thanks to Tracey from Wick Addiction for supplying me with some juices to review.
All of the following juices, and their respected ranges are available today at , as well as in selected brick and mortar shops up and down the country.

It's Blackcurrant
This eLiquid started off as an extremely refreshing and juicy berry styled vape. The lack of menthol in this liquid was enjoyable , all too often blackcurrant is paired up with a menthol constituent. This one, however, was somewhat more simplified
in terms of the flavour ingredients, and actually worked well, as it was not unnecessarily complex, as found with many liquids on the market at the moment in the vaping world. Sometimes less is best!
You will be really surprised at how pleasant it is to vape this flavour.

It's Apple Crumble
Nothing beats a lovely, warming Apple Crumble for pudding, and this juice's likeness to it's edible counterpart is uncanny.
You get the full on spiced apple right away, and it lingers in a unique and strangely satisfying way.
As you begin to exhale, there becomes a more apparent note of buttery crumble that adds an element of warmth to the sweet apple. The crumble, for me, was very accurate, in regards to how well the creators of this liquid judged the perfect ratios.
Very well executed, more-ish and satisfies your sweet tooth!

It's Tropical
This is pretty much a straightforward one, but is still super palatable. On the inhale, a blast of ripe fruits pushes it's way into your senses, and really grabs your attention. Despite its fruity nature, this juice doesn't come across as sour nor artificial. It is a straight up fruit cocktail, that continues to excite your taste buds throughout the whole vaping experience.
I particularly enjoyed the smoothness found whilst vaping this flavour.

Peanut Brittle
Wow!!! This is hands down the most realistic peanut flavour I have tried in a long time!
Even before I opened the bottle, there was a slightly sweet aroma of peanuts. As soon as I began to vape this liquid, the smell was quashed by an even more flavourful inhale.
The peanut is neither too sweet nor too salty, and is paired wonderfully with a smooth and subtle caramel element.
These two flavours combined and compliment one another, creating a uniquely well designed eLiquid, ideal for dessert lovers.

Strawberry and Lime Sherbet
As a recent fan of sherbet flavours, I have tried a fair few I have not liked, however this is not one of them.
It was a rather delicate take on the usually brash, sharp and sour sherbet liquids.
The strawberry is most noticeable on inhalation, and then morphs in to a refreshing lime flavour.
After exhalation, a sweet and somewhat sugary taste is left on your tongue, an I found this to be rather nice.

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