Thursday, 10 May 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* 100 Large/Donut Worry/Banana Haze

*These eLiquids were sent to me for the purpose of this review*

Relatively new to the game, 100 Large is smashing it! I had the pleasure of trying them briefly at the Vaper Expo this May, at the NEC in Birmingham.
Straight away, even the way this brand is marketed says a lot about the company. The shop I work at has taken on this line, and we are selling these juices like nobodies business!
I think something as simple as a mod cloth, or the included nic shots really hits a chord with consumers, not to mention the juices themselves are made with incredible pride and precision.
Many times eLiquid companies produce a line of flavours, and generally discern a 'crowd favourite'. However 100 Large juices all seem to be as popular as the next.
So! On to the reviews!

They sent me two of their 'Desserty' flavours, 'Donut Worry' and 'Banana Haze' . They are both 70% VG, and come in 120ml bottles, filled with 100ml of eLiquid, with enough room to add 2 x 10ml nicotine shots (that are included, alongside a 100 Large mod wipe)

The packaging and bottle graphics are simple yet effective, and there is absolutely no features that may entice children, something I really respect and admire.
The writing on the boxes and on the bottle itself is pertinent and informative, without waffling on.

Donut Worry
This juice comes across as a super rich and hearty strawberry based flavour. You can really pick up on the jam element, as it is so realistic and life like. This is compounded with a crispy, delectable doughnut that also tastes authentic.
The doughnut is definitely more prominent on the exhale, and the strawberry is carried throughout. However, during the whole vaping process, there was a delicate and welcomed touch of sweet, smooth vanilla. Something I felt really complimented the other components of this particular juice.
Due to this liquids intense and well crafted nature, I could definitely see this becoming an all day vape, especially for flavour chasers. Personally, my favourite thing about this juice would have to be its accurate and true to life flavour – it literally tastes like a strawberry doughnut!

Banana Haze
Love banana vapes, however they are notoriously difficult to execute properly. The banana flavouring in this juice presents itself as a rather creamy take on the fruit. It doesn't taste like a banana foam candy, but more like a banana custard. To me, it does not come across as being overly sweet or sickly, but at the same time, nor is it bland or unexciting.
There is a certain nuttiness to this eLiquid, that adds a warming dimension to this already enticing flavour, and this fact accentuates the 'vapability' of Banana Haze.
The clouds produced when vaping this juice are both sweet smelling and generous, and soon the room you are in will be full of cloudy banana goodness.
The best thing I found with this juice was it's perfect balance between sweet and savoury, it didn't feel at any point overly sickly nor at any time was it insipid.

So two solid flavours there! I could tell that lots of dedication and research went in to creating these juices, as it was reflected in the superior quality of each. I look forward to trying the others too, one day!

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