Monday, 9 April 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEWS* Propaganda Premium eLiquid

Propaganda Premium eLiquid
I recently had the pleasure of meeting the crew behind Propaganda eLiquid. They kindly supplied me with eLiquids for the purpose of this review.
All the bottles that I received were all TPD compliant short fills, containing 50ml of eLiquid, leaving 10mls spare in order to add optional nicotine.

This juice is a warm, sweet and inviting flavour that delivers a smooth, spiced apple, followed by a soft cakey aftertaste.
The apple is slightly less prominent than the cinnamon on the inhale, and this accentuates the fact that the apple is a smooth undertone. Having said that, the cinnamon is at no point overpowering nor sickly.
Upon exhaling, there is a definitive and welcomed sweetness that leaves a wonderful taste on your tongue.
I really enjoyed how easy this juice was to vape, as it wasn't too potent nor was it too flavourless.

The Hype Collection

– Cotton Candy
Candy floss flavours are my go to at the moment, and I have found it hard to find a decent one. Propaganda have hit it out of the park with this one though!!!
On the inhale there is a fruity candy flavour hat makes your mouth water in a pleasant and unique way. When exhaling, a subtle sweetness really mimics the soft sugariness found with actual cotton candy.
After you breathe out, the sweetness continues in a satisfying aftertaste that is not sickly nor unpleasant.
I think I have found my new ADV!!!

- Strawberry Shortcake
A mild yet tasty blend of ripe, juicy strawberries, and a biscuit base, this flavour is an ideal, smooth and delicious vape.
The strawberry is somewhat jam like, and tastes sweet without being sickly at all. This is then backed up on the exhale, by a buttery and crumbly biscuit.
Together, these two flavour components combine to create a more-ish and well executed overall flavour.
I feel like the strawberry was the more obvious flavour, however I don't think I overpowered the shortcake, but rather complimented it.
This juice would be a great candidate for when you are after a mild and smooth flavour, instead of a strong and potent one.
I enjoyed this flavour immensely.

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