Saturday, 13 January 2018

*ELIQUID REVIEW* From The Pantry by Vapemate

Back when I started reviewing, I was lucky enough to be supplied with a few liquids from the UK based vape company VapeMate (
Even back then, I felt the need to let the vaping public know about the fantastic and somewhat underrated nature of the liquids produced by VapeMate.
Safe to say when I received the new dessert short fill range, I was yet again, very, very impressed.

Now, From The Pantry is available over at as well as selected shops across the UK. The juices come in 60ml gorilla-style bottles, filled up with 50ml of liquid, leaving space to add an optional 10ml nicotine shot.
This whole range is 70% Vegetable Glycerin, ideal for big clouds and to use on sub-ohm setups.

So, lets have a little look at the four liquids in this line...

Lemon is very popular flavour within the vape world, some turn out good, some turn out bad. Many come across as sharp, artificial and somewhat similar in taste to washing up liquid. However, this was certainly not the case when it comes to this flavour.
As you begin to inhale, there are notes of strong yet smooth lemon curd, with a slightly creamy edge to its sweetness. Just after inhaling, and just before exhaling, you can pick up on a crumbly biscuit base. Together, the flavours mingle and bounce off one another, helping create the overall realistic taste. I can honestly say that this juice, from VapeMate, is possibly one of the best lemon eliquids I have ever had the chance to try!

Apple is such a diverse flavour when it comes to eliquid, This one turned out well, and I found that the inhale involved an almost tart green apple, blended with a smooth and relatively mild cinnamon. These are combined with a soft flakey pastry flavour that wraps up the flavour as a whole.
The potent and slightly sharp nature of the apple is mellowed by the warmth of the cinnamon, and is reciprocal in the fact that the apple livens up the undertone cinnamon. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried this juice, especially as I am not a great fan of apple eliquids. This one was smooth, flavourful and very realistic. I particularly enjoyed the sweet, billowy clouds as I exhaled.

Over the past 2 or 3 years, I have tried a multitude of strawberry based flavours, all offering something different. Strawberry is probably one of the most wide reaching flavours out there, ranging from strawberry donuts, to strawberry ice cream all the way to things like strawberry champagne.
After trying two of the four liquids in this line already, I had a sneaky suspicion that this one was going to be good too.
As soon as you open the bottle, a wave of sweet and creamy strawberries is carried to your nostrils, always a good sign if you are after a strong and flavourful eLiquid.
Obviously, when you begin to inhale, you do get a magnified hit of the strawberry, except this time, there is an added undertone of light pastry. This exemplifies the flavour as a whole. There is a definitive edge to this juice that is not found in many that i have tried so far. It comes across as as a cream induced strawberry that already excites your taste buds, but when combined with the light, flakey pastry, it begins to really come to life. Once again, Vape Mate has done it! A fantastically well executed flavour!

As with the Lemon Tart in this line, I was a little bit tentative to try it out, due to the notorious difficulty of creating decent citrus flavours.
I was completely enamoured when I began vaping this juice. You get straight up and obvious tang of zingy lime, although it is more sweet than it is sour. Then came a smooth, deep and crumbly pie crust, with an added creaminess.
Yes, this juice tasted sweet, but at no point did I find it too sweet, and is a certain contender for an all day vape.
For me, Lime Twist was hands down the best juice in this line. It was truly an amazing combination of flavours. They all came together in a crescendo of tastes. I think that one of the best things about this specific eliquid was the fact that I was proven wrong in my assumptions of citrus flavours, it turned out divine. I'm sure that this juice will definitely be a favourite for both fruit AND dessert lovers alike.

Kudos to VapeMate for this truly exceptional line of eLiquid!