Sunday, 21 May 2017

NEW Double Drip Coil Sauce!! *Review*

After much anticipation, I recently received 5 of Double Drip's newest eLiquids. I would like to thank Vapouriz for sending them my way for the purpose of this review.
All of the liquids that I received were 80% VG, 3mg/ml of nicotine and come in TPD compliant, 10ml safety capped bottles.
They are available online at: 
£4.99 for 10ml
I will be testing these liquids out on:
Cotton Bacon (changing after each flavour)
Druga RDA (running on 0.2 ohms)
Asmodus Minikin (running at 75w)
Sun Drip

Sun Drip is a wonderful mix of ripe citrus and sweet apricot. It is just perfect for a hot summer's day, thanks to it's fruity and sweet elements.
Although each individual flavour is slightly difficult to ascertain, it really works well as an overall collection of tastes.
I can hardly get over how refreshing and more-ish this liquid is. It's juicy, it's a tad tart and extremely fruity. 
I very much enjoyed this flavour, and can definitely see it becoming a good summertime ADV!

Crystal Mist

As a newly converted menthol fan, I could kind of guess from the name that this liquid had something to do with menthol, and sure enough, I was right!
Crystal Mist is a uniquely delectable collection of fruitiness and menthol that will appeal to all vapers. On the inhale is when you can expect a cool sensation of blue raspberry and when exhaling, a touch of sweet cherry. I value the fact that the menthol used in this liquid was not at all overpowering - something that can be appreciated by lots of people as an all day vape.
Crystal Mist is defiantly a palette cleanser and I loved how the menthol was soft and smooth, rather than harsh or icy.
Great stuff!

Lemon Sherbet

If you have ever tried Sherbet Lemon sweets, then you will no doubt recognise that distinct flavour when vaping on this ejuice!
It is absolutely identical to the yellow, lemon flavoured boiled sweets, and this liquid even replicates the almost fizzy sensation the you get with sherbet lemons!
This juice was both sweet and a little sour, I found them to have just the perfect amount of each. Granted, the lemon doesn't taste like real lemons, but is indistinguishable from the artificial lemon flavour found in the sweets.
I did enjoy this eliquid, however, when compared to the two previous ones above, I found it to be a little bit overbearing, meaning, for me, that I couldn't vape it all day. However it was very true to its name and flavour profile, something that I think Double Drip deserves recognition for their flavour accuracy!

Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

Ooooh this eLiquid is very unique and I don't think I have ever tried one like it! You get the ripe, fleshy part of a juicy mango (rather than an artificial tasting mango), mixed with soft notes of raspberry, then (the piece de resistance) a super smooth and wholesome vanilla ice cream that rounds off the different flavours perfectly.
I found when vaping this liquid that it was very creamy and I could sit there and pick out each component involved in creating this eJuice. 
Despite being a rather sweet and rich eLiquid, I could see myself vaping on it for an extended period of time without growing tired of it.

Orange and Mango Chill

Another mango one, I thought to myself, how different can they be? Well, they are polar opposites. The previous one was smooth and creamy, whereas this liquid is very lively, slightly sour and has a cooling undertone that sets this juice apart from any others I have tried today.

The orange is citrusy and sharp, the mango is sweet and all encompassing, the 'chill' to it really gives the flavour as a whole, a satisfying kick.
You can really notice the menthol on inhalation, and it isn't too extreme either, I found that it is more on the mild side of the spectrum. On exhalation is when the fruity elements come out to play. They are juicy, sweet and slightly tart, whilst still retaining all of the ripeness and not letting the menthol overtake them.
This eJuice was very palatable and the menthol was just the right amount for it to be enjoyable.


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