Monday, 1 May 2017

Salt based eLiquids Reviews

There's a new player in the vape game, and it involves a salt based nicotine. From what I've experienced, this is a new way to absorb nicotine. It gets into your system much faster , giving you the hit that is perhaps similar to a higher standard nicotine level, what I mean by that is you get the nicotine rush without the super strong throat hit of the classic nicotine containing eliquids.
I was very kindly provided the following eLiquids by the lovely Michelle. All of the liquids that I am reviewing today are available online and at 'Life's a Drag' vape shop (342 Ashley Road, Poole, BH14 9DF)
I have chosen my top 3 liquids from what I was sent to review, all contain 5mg/ml nicotine, however, they come across as very smooth throat hits (I tend to go for 3mg/ml and I appreciated the mildness offered by the salt based nicotine)

The main difference between vaping regular nicotine and salt based nicotine is the quicker absorption rate into the bloodstream. It is not quite as fast as combustable tobacco cigarettes, however it is much faster than standard nicotine containing ejuices.

Dr.Salt eLiquids - Wham Star
10ml - 5mg/ml - 50:50 VG:PG - £6.99
This eLiquid is reminiscent of the popular, chewy sweets, Wham Bars. The flavour is very strong yet pleasant, and you get a brilliant, fruity taste that makes your mouth water.
It is tangy and gives you the fizzy sensation of sour sherbet on the exhale.
Despite being a 50:50 VG:PG juice, you get fantastic cloud production, whilst still retaining a delicious and powerful candy flavour. I thoroughly enjoyed this eLiquid, and it gave me the perfect nicotine hit, without the harshness on my throat.

Mr Salt-e - Vanilla Custard
30ml - 5mg/ml - 60% VG
If you know me at all, you probably know that I adore Vanilla Custard vapes,  so I am very excited to try this one from Mr Salt E
This eliquid I received is in a 30ml glass bottle, however I believe it is going to be TPD compliant (meaning it will be available in 10ml bottles)
The flavour is mild and the throat hit is smooth. I like the fact that this eJuice is not too strong in taste, making it ideal for those of you who do not like overpoweringly potent (or sickly) vapes. The vanilla lightens the wholesomeness of the creamy custard, something I really appreciate. Being a higher VG eLiquid, the plumes of vapour on the exhale is as you would expect - impressive!
Overall, a delicious flavour that is complex and delivers the different components in exactly the right amounts!

Mr Salt-e - GrappleBerry
30ml - 5mg/ml - 60% VG
Grappleberry is the ultimate grape, apple and mixed berry flavour. It is a little bit candy like, and it is quite more-ish. You get a blast of ripened grape, rounded off perfectly with an element of apple that is both tart yet sweet at the same time. There is a note of juicy berries right on the exhale that compliments the other flavours beautifully.
This eLiquid is refreshing and will leave your tastebuds begging for more. I can't get over how revitalising this eJuice is ! Definitely my favourite from all of the liquids that I received!

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