Wednesday, 4 January 2017

*JUICE REVIEW* Scorpus by Vapour Freaks

After coming upon Scorpus by pure chance, I was delighted to try it out. It came in 100ml bottles, and 70% VG. The liquid itself was rather gloopy – perfect for dripping! It was also a purple tinted hue, true to the drink Vimto, of which it aims to imitate in terms of flavour. I can tell you from the first puff, the similarities between Scorpus and Vimto were uncanny. I was lucky enough to get the last bottle in the shop!
I have tried other juices that proclaim that they are blackcurrant squash/Vimto/Ribena, but none have come as close as Vapour Freaks have.
It was not too sweet, but neither was it bland. There was enough flavour to make it mouth wateringly delicious, but not enough for it to become sickly.
It terms of flavour, it wasn't a mishmash of complicated blends, but rather a straight up hit of blackcurrant, no unnecessary hints of this and touches of that – something I found to be extremely effective. There is no need to ruin a perfectly good eLiquid by adding useless and often pointless flavour elements.
On inhalation, the in-between stage of holding the vapour in and on exhalation, you get a juicy hit of ripe blackcurrant that is very satisfying and more-ish.
Vapour production at 70% VG is what you'd expect, big plumes of cloud, whilst retaining flavour.
Vapour Freaks have smashed it with Scorpus, and I would be eager to try out the pineapple or mentholated version, and if they are half as good as Scorpus, then I would be truly delighted!

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