Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Digby's Juices - Part I

The folks over at Digby's kindly provided me with their new line of TPD compliant eLiquids, for the purpose of this review. So, first and foremost – Thank you for the oppurtunity!
All the bottles were 10ml, 60%VG 40%PG and 3mg of nicotine.
Now, on to the products. Obviously TPD compliancy limits the aesthetical creativity and other issues surrounding the design and colouring of the product, not to mention the limits on the volume of the bottles, and child safety features (both physical safety caps and essential warnings regarding nicotine content etc). However, Digby's have tastefully adhered to the TPD, whilst retaining a stylish yet unassuming overall design.
The 10ml unicorn bottles (the new maximum size) arrived in small boxes that were simply black and white but with calligraphic writing and the Digby's logo, it also featured a bold and attention-grabbing warning on nicotine being a highly addictive substance.
I really like the way that Digby's have not lost any of their bespoke personality due to the new legislations, and they have made sure that every aspect of compliancy has been abided by, whilst still having a fantastic sense of unique and sophisticated design features.
Digby's is well know for their carefully created eJuices, from the heart of deepest Dorset, and their liquids are being enjoyed across the globe.

Jester is a refreshing cornucopia of juicy fruits, with a touch of sweetness and rounded off with a mild cooling effect. The flavour is smooth, and the slightest hint of menthol is very mild and not at all overpowering. I found that the fruity notes were more noticeable on the inhale, and then, on the exhale, a cool menthol becomes apparent. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable eLiquid, I really liked the careful blending between the coolness of the menthol and the ripeness of the exotic fruit.

On inhaling, you can pick up on a smooth and nutty tobacco, then, an almost bitter dark chocolate when you are just about to exhale.
When vaping on this fantastic elixir, you get an aftertaste of sweet and wholesome caramel. The notes (particularly the caramel) are not just 'mixed' together haphazardly, but can be appreciated in stages. What that means, is that each flavour presents itself separately, and evolves into the next main component. I really liked the caramel/tobacco essences, and although I'm not a huge fan of chocolate flavoured eLiquids, it certainly tasted true to life.
To summarise, I found the different accents of this eLiquid to be quite a unique overall flavour. I would suggest it to vapers who like either sweet flavours and/or tobacco ones.
Definitely a treat!

Rheum does not taste 'Like' rhubarb, but rather 'of' rhubarb. What I mean is that I found it tasted almost identical to a real, earthy rhubarb, rather than tasting like an imitation or artificial flavour like a rhubarb and custard sweet.
The vanilla is great because it perfectly accentuates the more prominent flavours, it is rather difficult to notice at first, but is very smooth and leaves a soft touch on the exhale.
Despite being indifferent to rhubarb eLiquids, I felt drawn to Rheum because of its natural and distinctive flavour elements. I can say, hands down, that Rheum is, by far the best rhubarb vape you can get, and certainly the most realistic!
I would suggest this eJuice to those of you who enjoy an 'Off the beaten track' flavour, in fact I think it could appeal to any vaper, due to it's realistic nature.
My favourite in this line!

Stay tuned for more reviews of Digby's Juices SOON!!!

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