Friday, 28 October 2016

Juice Review: Double Drip by Vapouriz - PART 1

Double Drip Coil Sauce by Vapouriz

I was very lucky to have been introduced to Vapouriz eLiquids after reviewing the popular, beginner's level Fuse 650 ego style kit. I have tried a fair amount pf various liquids from different juice lines created by Vapouriz, all of which were of a high calibre and were very pleasant.
I got word about a month or two ago from the Vapouriz team about a 'top-secret' line of high VG juices, described as being a game changer, I could not wait to find out!

This morning, I had an inkling that today might be the day that my delivery arrived, and sure enough, the familiar 'crunch' of the postie's approaching footsteps was more than enough to raise me from my sleepy state.
I received a big package, that was soon going to be ripped apart by my juice hungry paws! Inside, I discovered a Double Drip t-shirt along with a keychain, battery case, stickers and a drip tip. However, the main attraction was worth the wait! Inside was FOUR boxes, containing some of the most beautiful bottles I have ever seen. They are a sight to behold, they are all iridescent and eye catching, blending almost neon coloured tones with expertly designed graphics. I could just tell, if the packaging was good, then the flavours must be out of this world!

Strawberry Banana Waffle
3mg Nicotine/60ml/Max VG
To be honest, I didn't know which liquid to try out first, so I picked one at random, and first in line was Strawberry Banana Waffle. Opening this bottle brought a whoft of rich banana and a swirl of fresh strawberries hit my nostrils, and I could tell straight away that I was going to enjoy this flavour.
On my RDA, I dropped some of this magical liquid with ease on to a newly wicked build and inhaled. The first thing to hit me was the blend of smooth banana that tasted like a warm, fresh from the oven Banana Bread. There was also an undertone of an almost tart strawberry, perhaps a jam or coulis. They both were beautifully contrasting yet at the same time worked in unison to create a one of a kind flavour.
On exhalation is when you can really pick up on the warm, wholesome but not too potent flavour of a Belgian waffle. This was the proverbial icing on the cake, it was very realistic and fulfilling in taste and was a brilliant counterpart to the strawberry and banana.
I found all of the flavours to work so well, they all bounced off of one another but simultaneously complimenting one another at the same time.
This vape was the best of both worlds, it was smooth and had a great warmth added to it from the waffle. It could easily be the ideal all day vape due to its more-ish flavours.

Twisted Ice-Cream
3mg Nicotine/60ml/Max VG
To be perfectly honest, this eLiquid wasn't exactly what I was expecting. When I read 'Ice Cream' I thought perhaps this would taste something along the lines of a creamy vanilla flavour. However, upon opening the bottle, I could tell that this was not the case. It smelt almost fizzy and fruity,with a hint of smoothness. When I inspected the box that the juice came in, I noticed that the flavour was based on a popular Ice-cream/Lollipop called Twister – NOW it made sense!
Once I had it in my head that this was not a typical Ice cream, but more of a fruity ice lolly, I really began to enjoy it immensely.
It is fizzy and sweet with a complimentary element of smoothness from (I think) vanilla, and tastes exactly like a Twister lolly I used to get as a child. I can tell a good eJuice when it is exactly spot on flavour-wise, and brings me back to a time in the past that I really enjoyed.
Yet another smasher from the folks at Double Drip! Brilliantly blended flavours and absolutely nailed it in terms of how close they can recreate the taste of a lolly, into an eLiquid!


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