Sunday, 5 March 2017


After a chance meeting, I was provided with a selection of some truly delicious eliquids from a company based in Dorchester, Dorset. You can check out their website at
I have chosen my 4 favourites to do some reviews for, although they were all very palatable and I'm glad I was given the opportunity to try them. All liquids were 80/20 VG/PG and 3mg nicotine.
So, let's get going!

Lemon Cheesecake
Over my time as a reviewer, I have tried quite a few lemon based dessert flavours, ranging from super sour citrus all the way to smooth almost unrecognisable hints of lemon.
This juice was easily one of the best Lemons I have tried. You get a creamy, sweet lemon, to the point that it is very more-ish and true to the cheesecake profile. On exhaling, I got a crumbly, warm sensation from a biscuit-base taste and then it all mixed up with one another to create an ecstatic overall flavour.
Definitely my favourite out of this line, due to it's similarity to the real deal!

French Kiss
French Kiss is a fantastic blend of mild sweet tones, including wholesome vanilla bean, deep and realistic caramel toffee. You may assume that French Kiss could be too sweet and overwhelming, however, the set of chosen flavours is actually not too potent, and I could vape on this flavour all day.
What I particularly liked about this juice, is that all the components were expertly blended to the point that it was a little difficult to discern each separate flavour, but I thought it was a nice touch.
Vapour production was stellar, and you get a very pleasant taste on the exhale.
Great Stuff!

This one is hands down the best cinnamon based eLiquid i have tried in recent times. Described as being a cinnamon danish with hints of sugar cookie, you certainly get the cinnamon straight away. It is a sweet and not at all artificial. Then, as you finish inhaling, you get a mild almost savoury touch of the danish pastry. At the point of exhaling, the sugar cookie flavour jumps out and perfectly rounds up the other elements.
Again, I could vape on this all day and not get sick of it. I really liked the Sugar Cookie touch at the end.

Shags Custard
Shags Custard , in my opinion, fights for the top spot in terms of the liquids I have tried in this line. Also, like with the Lemon Cheesecake, I have tried a lot of custard juices. The fact that this one is more complex and whole tasting, makes it the clear champion of custards. 
In the past, I found certain custards to have funny aftertastes, but Shags' aftertaste is wonderfully unique and very palatable. 
You get the vanilla-like sensation on the inhale, and just before you exhale, when you hold the vapour in your mouth, a plethora of delicious caramel and sweetness mingles in you mouth.
As you exhale, the flavours continue to blend together to create a one of a kind ball of deliciousness that develops into a smooth and creamy aftertaste.
I thoroughly enjoyed Shags Custard, the only thing I would change (but can't - thanks TPD!!!) would be to have bigger bottles, because 10ml is just not enough of this beautiful brew!

Overall, the Vaper Star liquids were a very pleasant surprise indeed. It was difficult to pick out which one was best because of all of their great qualities. Again, I know it is not feasible thanks to new TPD regulations, but the only thing I would change would be to have bigger sized bottles because 10ml of each of these magical elixirs just isn't enough, especially if you want to make it an all day vape!
But, kudos to Vaper Star for their great quality liquids, 5*. Stay posted folks!


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