Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Director's Cut by VapeMate UK

The guys over at VapeMate have set me up with some of their absolutely smashing juices from the 'Director's Cut' premium range.
I was sent four of them for the purpose of review and you can get them over at They come in 10ml TPD compliant bottles, and are available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. The whole Director's Cut line are max V
G and this is mirrored in the fact that billows of clouds emanate when vaping.
So, let's have a look at them...

Froot Joose
This eliquid is quite simply a super zesty, fruity and invigorating blend of flavours, including  a smooth apricot, sharp pineapple and a punchy peach. This one literally made my mouth water with its impressively juicy repertoire. I have never tried an apricot flavoured vape before but this was a pleasant surprise and could be a new favourite of mine.

Sour Blue Raspberry
Whenever I hear about a Blue Raspberry vape, I simply have to try it. It's astounding the amount of diversity within the Blue Raspberry flavours, and some were nice, some were okay, and others were down right terrible! However, VapeMate has defineatly brought something special to the table with this one. You get the sourness, without it becoming over the top or sickly but the blue raspberry is sweet and candy like, making it very appealing to sweet tooth's everywhere!
There is a definite element of sharpness upon exhale, which is quite a nice touch.

Cog Two
If Cog One was anything to go by, Cog Two is truly stellar. Contrasting the creaminess from the first installation, the new one is almost tart. You get a fantastic blast of several fruity elements, including ripe watermelon, sweet strawberries and a sharp twist of kiwi. I really enjoyed this juice and would go as far as to say it's even better than Cog One!!!

Beach Party
A revitalising blend of zingy citrus and some of the most fresh and unique tropical fruits in the vaping world. This was my favourite out of the four, based on the delectable and one of a kind flavourings. It was a pleasure to try, and I could definitely use this juice as an all day vape (but unfortunately, thanks to the TPD, we can't have big-all-day-lasting-sized bottles!!!)
VapeMate have absolutely smashed it with this one, so kudos!

It was lovely to try these eLiquids, it gave me a whole new look on fruity juices that, to be honest, had started to become a tad repetitive. They were all similar enough to enjoy each and every one, but different enough that they didn't blend in to monotony.
Big thanks to VapeMate for sending them over, and I look forward to trying out the rest of this fantastic range.  Don't forget to go check them out at and I can't emphasise enough the fantastic selection of flavours and the craftsmanship behind them.

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