Saturday, 31 March 2018


Continuing on the reviews for Digby's, I will be reviewing 4 more liquids. All are available online ( as well as in selected brick and mortar shops across the country.
The liquids I am going to talk about today are available in both 50ml and 10ml, TPD compliant bottles, and come in a variety of nicotine strengths. They are 60/40 VG/PG, so can be used in both sub ohm and MTL tanks.
I am using an Aspire Cleito tank today, coming in at 0.4ohms and firing at 50 watts. To make this review fair, I will be replacing the coil after each flavour.

Straight off the bat, an elegant blast of gin hits the back of your throat, at first it tasted bitter and unwelcoming, but as I continued to vape it, it evolved into a more palatable and rather more ish flavour. There was also a note of some sort of sweet and juicy berry, and this really added to the appealing nature of this liquid.
On the exhale, I noticed a very slight, cool mintiness that wrapped up all of the other flavour components.
Bramble is an astoundingly unique flavour, and I can almost guarantee you that you wont find anything else like this.

Dr Jekyll
Following on with the alcohol flavour theme, we have Dr Jekyll, an absinthe based eLiquid. As I am not a huge fan of alcohol, I had doubts in my head before I even tried it. All I can say is that you must never judge a book by it's cover, or an eLiquid by it's flavour profile for that matter!!!
Now, Dr Jekyll is not just a plain absinthe, there are notes of citrus that liven it up, and combined to create a one of a kind all day vape.
This juice is surprisingly refreshing, and I think it would be particularly popular for vapers who prefer liquids that are not too sweet nor sickly.

Digby's Short-fills

Apple & Cinnamon Pudding
I was particularly looking forward to trying this juice, especially because of it's wonderfully appealing flavour description.
It is a delicious blend of soft, sweet and wholesome apple pie, carefully spiced with a warm and inviting cinnamon. The apple is most noticeable on the inhale, and is not an artificial taste either, but more like an apple sauce. The apple is followed by a creamy custard element that makes this juice even more delectable, and it was rounded up with a smooth and flavourful cinnamon, all combining to create a well designed liquid that is ideal for dessert lovers.

The King
Other than DMC, The King has to be my next favourite. It has a strong and enticing flavour to it, and is actually very pleasant when mixed with DMC!
The King features a smooth and savoury peanut butter on the inhale, combined with a sweet and potent banana that really makes your mouth water. I really enjoyed how the peanut butter is complimented by the banana, as rather than fighting for the most flavourful, they actually even each other out.
These flavours are finished up with a wonderful creaminess that rounds it all of in a delicious and satisfying fashion. As I mentioned earlier, The King and a bit of DMC combined, creates an out of this world flavour, that could easily be an all day vape!!!

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