Friday, 22 December 2017

The Coffee House line by Vapouriz

Vapouriz, a UK based vape company, have recently released a fantastic coffee themed line of eLiquids called 'The Coffee House'

They are available online at, amongst many other wonderful eliquids and even a wide range of hardware too. Be sure to check them out, Vapouriz will have flavours to suit just about anyone!!!

They have kindly sent me each flavour for the purpose of review. Let me just say, before I start, Coffee flavours, for me, are a little bit hit or miss. There are some that I have tried and they were downright awful – but! Knowing that Vapouriz put their all in when it comes to creating quality eliquids, I was excited to try The Coffee House line. I first received these eliquids in early winter, and I can say that these juices are perfect for vaping on, during a cold and windy winter day!

All of these eLiquids are 70:30 VG:PG, so they are ideal for sub ohm vaping, and you can expect impressive cloud production.
This line is available in either 3mg or 6mg strengths, and comes in a 3 x 10ml multi pack, the cost of these multi packs is a very reasonable £9.99, and again, is available online over at

Coconut Cappuccino
There is a definitive milkiness to this eliquid, that creates a warming and wholesome feel to it. The coffee element in it is not sharp or bitter, just well rounded. The cappuccino is
expertly blended with a slightly sweet edge of tropical coconut. I found this to be a very unique flavour, as I have never tried anything similar before. Coconut is a very diverse flavour that can be used in all sorts of eliquids, it works well in fruity flavours, as well as more creamy flavours such as this one.
I found that this juice was pleasant and would be great for vapers who want to try something different and new.

Vanilla Latte
Vanilla flavours are among my favourite when it comes to winter time eLiquids, and this unique take definitely warms the bones! There is an obvious nutty touch to the coffee in this flavour, and is
expertly complimented with smooth milk and a touch of delicate vanilla. I find that sometimes (despite liking vanilla eliquids) there can be a slightly off-putting and bitter aftertaste, however with this juice, that was not the case. There was a perfect softness to it and this eliquid was an extraordinarily blended flavour ideal for vapers who appreciate sweet, creamy and coffee flavours. I really enjoyed this one!

Caramel Macchiato
Saving the best for last, the Caramel Macchiato was a clear winner in my opinion. It starts off with a fragrant and powerful coffee taste, not unlike a shot of espresso. It tasted so realistic, that I could imagine I was actually drinking a strong coffee.
As you continue to inhale, the flavour morphs into a more sweet and indulgent caramel that is second to none. There is an absolute mouth watering element to this flavour component, and is not too potent nor overpowering, making it an ideal contender for an All Day Vape.
Right as you begin to exhale, there is a dulcet note of vanilla that really makes this juice pop! All of these different flavours didn't actually complicate things, instead, they just worked fantastically together and created a great overall eLiquid that must not be missed!

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